Benefits of Programming Language

Ever wonder how our internet receives data from a country in Europe to a place like Indonesia. Or have you wondered how our calculatorsĀ computes our raw data to have a result? It may be wonders for you but there’s a reason behind it. Just as everything has a reason, codes are the reason for the aforementioned statement. Then if you wish to learn about coding and don’t have any idea when to begin, then this is the exact place for you to start learning even if you are just at Home. We will cover basic steps of coding in this page.

First of all let’s define the meaning of coding or programming. This is the process to write in codes to come up with computer programs. Example are the one’s you see in your computer just right before your eyes is an example and benefit of programming to us. Without programming we might imagine the world of today. A world of not much of high advance technology and a world without computers. You might not want to entertain that thought but that is the reality without coding or programming.

Then how essential is coding to our age. If you watch the Matrix movie and saw neo enter the world of computer and defeated them no not that one up to this day it is still an science fiction but who knows in the future. But how did coding touch our lives and made an impact to today’s world. This time we check on that.