Looking back to the past- Significance of Programming to our Daily life


Everything is kind of normal now. Laptops used to connect to your family abroad though you are miles and miles apart you can see your family inside a screen. Or see the beauty of the 7 wonders inside your 5 inches phone. How amazing things and technology are now in today’s age. Human race have already gone so far, but how much farther can we reach? To that question we can just imagine. Maybe a world where science fiction movies can be true.


But before we jump to that all the aforementioned are made possible because of advance programming.
Here are some of the most prominent and influenced by programming

  1. Websites- Due to this reason, we can see the mainstream things happening all throughout the world without it you won’t be able to check a facebook page today or check out your followers in twitter. This is basically made up by HTML and CSS.
  2. Mobile Application- Can’t get enough of angry bird or supermario? This is thanks to programming and coding.
  3. Electronic Gadgets – Your phone has a internal computer programmed to help you reach out your best application.
  4. Robots, self driving car, flying cars and the what the future holds
    Basically in the world where technological advancements continue to surge. Then it is just a matter of time for innovative ideas to materialize. This cannot be made true with just hammer and nails this requires the use of advance programming and deep engineering.