Basic Knowledge of Types of Computers

Basic is the most important in everything. It is where complicated arises and were made. In knowledge also, basic is the most important. That is why we are going back to reminisce the types of computers that we had studied long time ago but may have forgotten now. Here are the basic types of computers and their sub categories.


Type of computers that are made in big sizes to be capable to process. Processors was few before but now we can see thousands of processors working at the same time.

Today there are modern supercomputers that runs thousands of processors that is capable of very fast calculations in just nanoseconds. They are mostly used in computational science that has complex tasks. Many rely on this supercomputers like weather forecasting and quantum mechanics.

Mainframe Computers

They are also huge in sizes and have lots of processing capacity and power but they are not similar with supercomputers. They are mostly used by government offices, companies, organizations and banks to store large amounts of data.

Mainframe computers processing capabilities are measured by MIPS but supercomputers are measured in FLOPS.

The other types of computers are minicomputers, microcomputers or personal computers (the one widely used), mobile computers (laptops, netbooks, tablets, calculators, portable media player, cell phones and smartphones). It is common to get and buy these gadgets because it becomes a need. A new technique to make your business be top in the online world. Try this SEO marketing tips that will surely make your products become popular online. Build up your business and explore the tips on how to engage your business in the digital world.