The Top Programmers in the World

Programmer refers to a person who writes computer software. He is also known as a computer programmer, a developer, coder, or software engineer. The term computer programmer may refer to a specialist in one area of computer programming or a generalist who writes code for many kinds of software. Computer programmers write, test, and maintain […]

Most Popular Programming Languages

What is Programming? Programming may actually refer to mathematical programming or optimization which is the selection of a best element; music programming that is generating music electronically; radio programming which refers to scheduling content for radio; dramatic programming refers to fictional television content; neuro – linguistic programming which is a pseudo scientific method aimed at […]

Basic Knowledge of Types of Computers

Basic is the most important in everything. It is where complicated arises and were made. In knowledge also, basic is the most important. That is why we are going back to reminisce the types of computers that we had studied long time ago but may have forgotten now. Here are the basic types of computers […]

Looking Back at Diskette Drive

Everything has a beginning. A product can start with just an idea that can be researched to be manufactured and develop. When the product was already produce it should also be marketed especially if not all people know its uses and value. Once it was known and customers are established then a business is working […]

Understanding Computer Language by Definition

Language is different in very countries and there are even more dialects in every country. In India alone they have many languages and dialects that they use as the gods that they worship. But as nations have to collaborate to help each other, make trade with each other and to support each other there must […]

Where Can You Learn Coding Freely?

For starters who do not much have knowledge on computer functions, systems and programs will have a hard time learning to code. If you are not easy to catch up and learn new lessons it may take some time to learn coding. If you have some knowledge and someone will teach you on hand it […]

History of Programming-Origin

How did the computer programming reach it state today? Centuries after the first computer was created, the language of the computer was also created for programming. Who is the first computer programmer? Augusta Ada Byron who is known as Ada Lovelace, an English Mathematician, coordinated with Charles Babbage who was working on his Analytical Engine, […]

What are the Top Laptop Brands in 2016?

Due to the development of modern technology, many different kinds of gadgets are continually being invented. It seems like every year, each gadget has been upgraded. We can also observe a lot of different brands of gadgets and even appliances. How about in the year 2016? What gadget was so popular? Is it laptop? If […]

Learning the Impact of Programming in our World

Computer programming involves developing lists of instructions – the source code representation of software. In order to write computer programs, you need to know at least a little bit about how a computer works. You must know how to program a computer because the concepts underlying this will be valuable to you, regardless of whether […]