In this page we will learn basic understanding for 2 program language. That is HTML and CSS.

  • HTML

Hyper Text mark up language it is primarily a coding and programming you see in the internet as web page. Such examples are Nba.com and FaceBook. The meaning of “mark up”is to differentiate normal text and syntax text found in the languages such as HTML.

All your favorite site such as twitter, facebook and NBA official all incorporate HTML in their way but not all. They also incorporate some other programming languages.

HTML documents are described by tags that  usually comes in pairs. Tags like this.

Example1: (try writing this in a note pad then saving it after as example.htm )

<h1> Hello world HTML is fun </h1>


<H1>HTML is Fun</H1>
<H2>HTML is also fun</H2>
<P> HTML is actually a good one!
<P> <B>It can create a lot of things!</B>
<BR> <B><I>Because of HTML we can have Google and Wikipedia.</I></B>

The below page must come out.

So basically we have to know the basic codes of HTML before we can make a good websites.


  • CSS

CSS means Cascading style sheets. If HTML allows us to program the structure of the web page. CSS allows us to design the structure of the Webpage. CSS basically allow us to update the entire design by only updating file rather than opening all files while changing all fonts color or size etc.

Here are basics steps to CSS programming


Open a folder and saved two documents
First open a text document and rename it style.CSS this is our style sheet.
Then we will open one more text document and this will be saved as index.html this will be our home page.
Basically both this will be our website.

Now we will start.
Remember that the style.CSS  file will govern the entire design of the Website and the way we like to make. First think of how many sections and containers. For this tutorial let’s have a  section.  The section will be name “header”


Type  this in your style sheet.CSS

#container {
width: 900px;
height: 100px;
background-image: url(images/headerBG.jpg);
border-bottom: 2px solid#000000;


(These will be the  section of the website)
(At the same time you have to write a code in HTML file that is the index.html)

(type this in)

<link  href=”style.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css”>
<div id=”header”> This is the header </div>