Understanding Computer Language by Definition

Language is different in very countries and there are even more dialects in every country. In India alone they have many languages and dialects that they use as the gods that they worship. But as nations have to collaborate to help each other, make trade with each other and to support each other there must be a common language to be used so that they can understand each other. In our situation English language is the top language that is used in doing transactions for the economy, politics and the people.


So many have learned to use the English language so that the transaction can be done and be finished. As also there are many organizations that to complete their activity they needed one common medium of communication so that they can do their duties and tasks like the United Nations. Its coverage is worldwide and they need to understand each other to implement their systems.

Like this in the world of computer also it has its own language. If it cannot understand then it cannot function.

It does not understand the instruction it must do even though it is already given if it is not given in the language it can understand. That is why computer language is created. The examples of computer language are Ada, BASIC, C, C++, FORTRAN, COBOL and Pascal. These language are composed of two components which is semantics (meaning) and syntax (form) tips here. One additional knowledge is computer casing can be made from Apple.