What is Coding?

Welcome to programming.

If you never learn what is programming before, you might be wondering what is programming at all. Well when you’re writing a program you’re actually writing series of commands. It looks like a weird ¬†English language typed from your computer.

You can think of a computer that is liken to a dog that is very obedient . The dog listens to every command and doing whatever you command that is what programming can do for you. Then how cool then is programming? Well it depends how you define coolness. Because as it turns out you can use coding to everything. You can program everything that is powered by computers. People nowadays are fascinated by the fact that robots can be real. That was just first a science fiction before but if you go to Japan. People program electronic gadgets to move. Like this, in a world that is develop in high technology and electronic driven world it is an advantage if we are in the world of coding.

Last 2009 the first driving car was known. How cool would it be having a car drive you alone. How about thee- games you play daily ? or how you check your Facebook  and how many likes you have for your selfie. All this is a product of programming and coding.

In this website, you’ll learn basic programming and coding. The basic programming we will practice here are HTML, CSS and Javascript.