What are the Top Laptop Brands in 2016?

Due to the development of modern technology, many different kinds of gadgets are continually being invented. It seems like every year, each gadget has been upgraded. We can also observe a lot of different brands of gadgets and even appliances. How about in the year 2016? What gadget was so popular? Is it laptop? If so, what are the top laptop brands in 2016? There are six best laptop brands in 2016 with trusted models and reviews. Laptop actually becomes an essential part of your gadget collection when it comes to serious and dedicated working.



Apple was ranked as first because it has been proven to be the best for laptop users for its high quality and gold class standard. Lenovo was ranked as second because of its wide key spacing and curved key shape on keyboards, pleasant audio and visual along with light weight and portable designing. Asus was also loved by users for its sleek designs, amazing tech support and innovations to look for. Moreover, the brand has consistently earned solid customer reviews.


HP was loved by users for their designs and keyboard comfort. Dell offers a blend of flamboyant designs and base; it has won the hearts of users with its high end performance and high quality experience. Lastly, Toshiba was ranked as 6th by Techiesense, despite this it has earned great reviews and it goes perfectly for a casual internet surfer or a student with limited usage. The development of 宏閩 can be due to the support of this.