Importance of Programming

So why is programming important in this age? Billions of people are actually using internet as part of their daily life. Wherever you are, you need an access to the internet. In school, in working site, you need an access to the internet in order to be able to compete in the global economy. Global communication also became possible because of internet. Global business is also targeting its success because of internet. This is how important programming is.

Programming uses codes, the language different to that of human’s, that would command instructions using the internet. Actually, internet has helped a lot people to learn many things in this age. We could increase awareness about the things in the world. Computer programming has allowed many people to access their needs from the computer. Since we are living in an era when we have to use technology, programmers have trod the path of life. Thanks to computer programmers, we could reach the ends of the earth.


It is not something surprising that programmers have risen to create something new in this age. With the creating of internet, we know there would be something new. Because of programmers, we could even use computer apps without the internet access. In this age, it is really a great help for the novice to be knowing something new in their life even without the access of internet which is always payable. Without programming, we would always be carrying with us our computer whatever it is wherever we go because internet access is a total need.