Looking Back at Diskette Drive

Everything has a beginning. A product can start with just an idea that can be researched to be manufactured and develop. When the product was already produce it should also be marketed especially if not all people know its uses and value. Once it was known and customers are established then a business is working already with a product being continually produced. Some products are stand-alone meaning they can be used independently without the help of other products. Example is mirror. You just need it as it is.


But other products like cell phone needs a charger to continually function. If we see the diskette drive we used to have before for storing data it seems obsolete and not needed anymore. There are many kinds of storage devises that now exist today like the flash drive or cd. You cannot easily see someone who still uses a diskette. But the reality is diskette still exist and are being until this time. Why and who use this until now?


Some government offices still use it even though storage is very limited because it is needed by the machine that they use. The machine was designed to last for like fifty years but the system they use is only for diskette drives. Then it’s either they will replace the machine (which is very costly) or continually use the diskette that is also much safer than the new tools visit BOT-TO comapny. It’s like the process of manufacturing that it cannot be easily reversed once done.